With only 2 days to go…

Christmas Vacation is looming ever closer. Work-wise, tomorrow will be the last day of experiencing stress in school for 2008. Awhile ago was a stressful day, with reportings, submissions and worries over preparing for the Christmas treat I gave my Euro blockmates and ASEC. It was especially tiring since I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, finishing preparations for a report in Chinese Literature class that accounted for a big chunk of our grade. During the report, I was a bit freaked out because I didn’t want to mention anything wrong, especially since I inputted a lot of my interpretations into the groups’ powerpoint presentation. The end came out good since our professor acknowledged our creativity at interpreting the Chinese poem. At first, he gave comments to our poem that made me feel as if we had done it incorrectly. But the way our group concluded the poem, underlining the fact that the poem could be interpreted in 3 different ways (as we had explained), really had our professor congratulating us. Yey~

Now, I just need to concentrate on studying for my Philosophy102 exam for tomorrow, and finishing my written part of a group report for my Humanities142 class under Sir Salvador “Badong” Bernal. Need to submit my part of the paper to the group leader by tomorrow morning, for submission on Friday.

After the Philosophy Exam tomorrow, I’ll technically be free for the week. Friday = just one class = come to school just for a Christmas Party. XD


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