Surprised by Fully Booked!

I was up late last night trying to finish watching “The Unforgiven” for my Philosophy102 class, and decided not to hitch with my sister this morning when she left for school at around 830am. Instead, I woke up around noon and didn’t have to rush myself to get to school.

What greeted me in my Y!Inbox was a surprise! Last week, during one of bored moments, I decided to register an account on Fully Booked Online. It was mostly so I could get updated on events and other things happening in Fully Booked since that is where me and my family tend to purchase our books. Back to the point, I was surprised when I received this mail in my inbox.

Received Mail

At first, I thought it was simply a joke, or a misunderstanding of some kind. I didn’t really expect it to be true since I posted a review on FB Online out of boredom. But upon going to the site itself, it was right there, the evidence. Check the left portion of the image for the screenshot. What was featured was my book review of “For One More Day” by Mitch Albom, which was something I read over the semestral break.

FB online screenshot

Speechless and thrilled at the same time. It’s certainly hard to express what overcame me at the moment. The feeling surged through me, mostly because it felt good to feel recognition for something I had written. Writing is a passion of mine, and it thrilled me to receive such an honor, no matter how simple it may be. I won P500 worth of Fully Booked gift certificates too. What will I do with it? Buy more books at Fully Booked of course! πŸ™‚


4 comments on “Surprised by Fully Booked!

  1. And… Congratulations are in order. See? I (and a lot of people) told you you had what it takes to write well. XD

    So yeah. Congratulations. And write some more! I believe that even though people do get better by writing more over time, one still must have *talent* to produce quality stuff.

  2. @Arc: Thank you as always. I always appreciate your comments and insights on my blogs, my plurks, and my writings.

    You have an amazing talent as well, don’t forget that. πŸ™‚ Just don’t limit yourself to a muse or two. Inspiration is everywhere! πŸ™‚

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