The Worries over Christmas Shopping

One of the hardest things to prepare for in a year is Christmas. Since today is December 2, it makes it even more of a hassle because the calendar can’t help but remind you that you have 23 days to prepare for Christmas, and even less to shop for christmas gifts. Argh~ I seriously always have a hard time shopping for gifts. Especially when you’re on a tight budget (take note: student allowance + no outside income), it’s hard to get things your friends want, and even tougher to decide who of your MANY friends to give, and what nice thing to give them.

Of course, one thing to remember is always that the thought is what counts. But despite that, of course, we want to get something that’s nice but doesn’t take too much to prepare for. Why we trouble ourselves for our friends, escapes me. XD If only we could tell our friends that they don’t need to hassle over getting us a present, as long as they don’t expect the same of us. But this is of course something we cannot do. We always end up either getting them something, or not getting them something at all. Forgetting to get one a present isn’t that bad as it seemed way back when we were kids though.

Seriously though. I still wonder what the heck to get my friends. It’s odd since we know our friends, but we always find it hard to think of something to get them.

What are you getting your friends this Christmas? Any suggestions for not-so-expensive gifts that are way thoughtful are appreciated. Please leave a comment below~ 🙂


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