Journey back to childhood.

Today, my friends brought many of their Marketing Products to school. As a friend, I took the liberty of buying some products to help support their project. As a customer, I was of course very picky (and somewhat stingier than usual) with the products that I bought.

The pin I ordered came today and I proudly wore it (on my id lace) around school. When I was deciding which pin among the many designs I would chose (since I only wanted to spend for one), this design instantly struck me. It’s a doll, and a frilly doll at that. When I mentioned the design to my friends, they were quick to comment that this was “very Christa” indeed.


Sheena brought the designs of pins other people ordered. The designs came out better than expected, and I absolutely love ’em. 🙂



Another friend of mine, Christiane, is also selling stickers, and envelopes of Childhood loves.


Disney Princesses’


Adorable Animals!




HOMG Batman


Cute Baby Mickey/Minnie Clear Envelope.

List of Prices:

1. Button Pins – Php50/each

2. Stickers – Php30/each

3. Clear Envelopes – Php50/each

Those interested in purchasing one of these really cute products, please leave a comment below or email me at and we’ll see what we can do about handing the products to you guys~ 🙂


5 comments on “Journey back to childhood.

  1. aaw man stickers! I still have my sticker albums here with me haha! Puro mga lisa frank stuff and the anime I used to watch. I even have akazukin cha cha ones. But I can’t remove them. D: It won’t stick to anything else anymore if I do.

    I lust over the batman sticker u have here ._.

  2. @KT: Oh remember the time when sticker albums where the in-thing? XD I remember I still have mine somewhere. I had some SailorMoon stickers, with the removable sticker clothes (ala closet with change-able outfits) or the FURRY stickers!

    Don’t remove them~ 🙂 Childhood memories. Do you want to get Batman stickers? My friend sold hers but she can get more of ’em ata. XD

    @Norbert: Yah, they’re really cute. My friends’ artwork is really cute~ Do check out her gallery on

    Thank you too! I have a thing for dolls and outrageous outfits!

  3. Yeah the furry ones! The scented ones and the shiny ones and the water proof ones hahaha!

    No its totally okay. I would much rather invest on a comic book than a sticker XD But it does bring back memories. I might be inclined if they were lisa frank stuff though.

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