Knowing what I did wrong, and remedying the situation~

It was not the first time it happened to me. Bags, wallets, and other personal things have been lost to me before. But nothing as heavy has hit me before, and I seriously felt it when it hit me. Early yesterday evening, I lost my cellphone. It wasn’t stolen (logically speaking), I lost it by accident. The situation? Upon descending from the car of a friend of mine, I was watching my laptop and other belongings too closely that I had missed getting my cellphone from my lap. Of course, it wasn’t something I had noticed right away. I actually thought I had left it in my friend’s car (not a first for me – I’ve left behind my cellphone behind a couple of times) and called him (via another friend accompanying me) asking him to take the u-turn and come back. Of course, when he had come back, I rummaged through the car but found nothing.

Now that I think about it, it probably did fall. It took me a long time to think this over though. While taking my Starbucks, I was deep in thought trying to remember what had transpired during those last 10-15 minutes. My cellphone must have fallen from my phone and someone picked it up when it fell onto the ground outside of Starbucks and Jollibee (along Katipunan). Of course it won’t get returned to me. -______- Sigh, my stupidity. I lost my 9 year old sim, I lost a phone that I haven’t had for more than a year and a month, and I lost many messages, images, contacts and music. Sad really, see what carelessness can do?

Thankfully, my mom had a sim left-over, and dad had an extra cellphone to lend to me. Thursday will probably be spent shopping or browsing for a new phone. What would you guys suggest? I don’t mind a phone that doesnt have wi-fi because it means having to spend for wi-fi. I am interested in a phone that can take note of my busy schedules, a phone that can take good images, has a big capacity for messages and images, and can take the stress of a teenager who may (or may not) accidentally drop it or push it arond (if you know what I mean). Basically a phone for people under stress and can handle the “effects” of stress.

Mom has an E71 and friends have the IPhone. The Iphone seems too much for me since I’m not that much of a techy person. The E71 seems like an okay phone from what I’ve seen though I’m not sure if it can handle the stress that may be inflicted upon it. I need help and suggestions~ Oh and FYI, I’ve always had a Nokia Phone (except for my first phone which was a Motorola, from my dad back in 5th grade).


3 comments on “Knowing what I did wrong, and remedying the situation~

  1. E71 too bulky even if it can manage your sched, texts, calls. A bit of a hassle because of it(s bulkiness) and the camera takes too long to shoot pictures. Hmm.. What about a Samsung phone? Omnia (kinda like the iPhone) or Nokia 7310.

  2. Hi! Saw your blog via Plurk and Marcelle (kelnjay)’s plurk. If you’re looking for a phone heavy on organizer functions, I’d recommend Sony Ericsson’s G700 or G900. The G900’s only differences from the lower model are a 5.0 megapixel cam, autofocus, and wifi. Otherwise, the G700 is already pretty good for a pretty good price. It has touchscreen, organizers, MP3 players, 3.2 megapixel camera, and pretty good battery life. You can google it or visit Sony ericsson’s website.

    I’m not sure about the durability since I only had my G700 for a week, but all I bought for it was a screen protector.

  3. @Ke Ling: Dear, I prefer a Nokia phone kase. You’ve seen my new phone (technically my dad’s old phone). What do you think of it? I’m thinking of keeping it as is and saving my money instead for a dSLR.

    @Mark Poa: Hi there! I looked up the phones you recommended. It looks thinner than the phone I’m currently using. Are the prices in the Philippines for those models, of a good price? I don’t want to spend so much on a new phone. I’m actually thinking of simply keeping the Nokia 6233 my dad is lending/giving to me. 🙂

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