Study hard, Party Harder

I can feel the amount of stress overwhelming me. Monday means it’s back to school, and I’m already dreading it. Today (more specifically, Saturday) , I let go of myself and enjoyed because I decided to go shopping for clothes. I’m happy with the turn-out, though I could have bought more things had I decided to go to tiangge instead of shopping in the more expensive shops. Either way, I was able to buy a good amount of items, AND I was able to relax myself for a while by watching Madagascar2. There are just some days that you have to pamper yourself, though I feel as if I should have bought myself more things. Haha. All in all, it was a nice relaxing afternoon and I’m glad I was able to go out and enjoy myself, even if I was alone.

Now, I can feel myself wanting to go back to awhile ago. Having the same professor for different classes is not a good thing, especially when he decides to tackle the similar things for different classes. My current state, confused. All the readings in my possession now have a heading for the class for which they belong to, because some of my readings are to be tackled in 2 differnt classes, while some of them seem to belong to another class when they don’t. For example, I’m studying the Book of Songs for my Chinese History class, and not in my Chinese Literature class. It’s very confusing, especially when people from my class ask me about the lesson. It takes a while for my brain to figure out and sort out which class they’re actually refering to. It’s driving me crazy right now.

Sigh~ okay, I just needed to let that out a little. There’s no doubt that the amount of knowledge that is sure to be gained from these lessons are extraordinary. This is my passion, literature and history, and language! I just hope that together, these things will not break me and my desire to learn. Stupid heavy readings~

In other news. Awhile ago, I was able to find a new crystal case for my PSP, a pink one at that. It’s a bit weird since my PSP is Mint Green, but I don’t mind. Mom said it looks a little candy-ish, which is cute really. The only thing that bothers me though is that I think one of the directional buttons on my psp is broken, or somewhat stuck. Somtimes, when I’m playing Harvest Moon and I’m just pressing “circle” (the run action) the character suddenly twists to the right. It’s odd. Does anyone know what I can do to fix it?


2 comments on “Study hard, Party Harder

  1. Hmm. That’s confusing. I mean the readings. :/ But at least that’s more info you get to use during exams LOL.

    I don’t have a PSP so I don’t really know how to fix that :c

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