And on the second day, there was..


Today is only the second-day back in school, but I can already feel the pressures that second semester usually brings. For some reason, it always feels heavier than that of the first semester. Tomorrow, I already have 3 quizzes, all in my 3 Chinese classes, and all under the same professor. Coincidence? I’m reading more than 50 pages worth of xeroxed readings, while there’s still a PDF file that I have to print for my class. I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m expecting it to be a lot. Optimistic Christa, remain optimistic. *pinchesself*

The stuff I’m reading is really interesting, but when you’ve got a deadline (despite everything else you have to do), it becomes slightly uninteresting and definitely stressful. This will be a long night, I can feel it. Haha, sleep, what’s that? XD My younger sister has to be in school by 7am tomorrow so I’ll probably be having breakfast with Tiffy and Ozy tomorrow morning, while finishing off these readings.

Off to study, and look for the books/readings that I’m lending out to friends~


4 comments on “And on the second day, there was..

  1. @Tiffy: I replied to you saying I couldn’t go~ 😦 I wasn’t able to sleep because I had some readings. So when I finally did sleep, I wasn’t able to wake up in time for our breakfast.

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