Think positive and keep moving forward.

Later, it will be time for me to face the start of the second semester. I should be sleeping at this time (since it’s 3am on my clock) but I’ve decided to make this blog entry before I leave to sink into dreamland. You see, if you looked carefully at my previous blog entry regarding the whole start of second semester, it feels as if there’s a certain aura of sadness that I’m expressing towards the semester. And it’s true that there’s a lot to be sad about. But awhile ago, as I was writing on my more personal blog on LJ, I came to realize that there are so many positive things that I should be concentrating on. Mom always told me that I should focus on the more positive side of things.

As I was blogging awhile ago on LJ, I outlined the things I was able to finish on my to do list. Apart from 1-2 things, I had done almost everything on my list, which is something I was really ecstatic about. To liven things up, I also decided to list all the good things I was able to do during the 1 month semestral break. It was then that I realized how productive I ended up being throughout the vacation. Despite having a short to-do list, I was able to do a lot of spontaneous things that I didn’t expect myself to do for this break. Like I wasn’t able to join my friends in their one week trip to HK, but in it’s place I was able to go shopping at tiangge, I was able to enjoy my 20th birthday party, I was able to have lunch with a close friend of mine, and I was able to go to the Bloggers Halloween Party. When you compare the two, surely Hong Kong was the better deal. But thinking long and hard, I came to realize that the time I would have spent with those 6 other people who went to HK was nothing compared to the people I was able to catch up with, and meet in that one week.

Think positive. I’m going to try to be that way from now on. During the previous semester/s, I had a tendency to be bipolar. I always showed myself to be an ecstatic, happy-go-lucky, innocently naive girl who laughed and smiled at almost anything and everything, but at home I was as emo as you can imagine. I wrote really depressing blog entries on LJ, I was always pessimistic about my life and what I was doing, I was completely different online as compared to my offline self. It scared a lot of my friends who constantly worried about me. But now, I feel a lot better. A lot has happened since then, and I’m now trying to keep myself overly optimistic. I always try to smile and think of happy thoughts when I do. I try to look at the more positive side of things, and I feel a lot better. A lot of my friends say I’ve been looking better since then, which is good I suppose. 🙂 It really helps to think positive and to turn that frown upside down (corny, I know). Frowns only give people wrinkles, and people who think only of sad thoughts die faster than those who don’t.

I’m liking the new me. More confident, happier, and more thankful about a lot of things. It’s like that quote on “Meet The Robinsons”, Keep Moving Forward. I really like that show because it’s very inspiring and touching. The quote really is true, when life gets you down you just have to keep moving forward because staying where you are isn’t gonna get you anywhere, literally. When you’ve gone as low as you think you can go, the only way out is up.

I’ll keep that in mind and hope you guys do too. Think positive and Keep Moving Forward. Cheers~ 🙂


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