A daunting semester ahead

Tomorrow, or more specifically later, will be normal reg for the juniors at Ateneo, and time again to make the payments and face the reality that Monday will bring about the second semester. This will most likely be the 3rd last registration that I have to face, and the last semester I’ll be having with a lot of my graduating friends. Time really does fly quickly, especially in college. What feels like the beginning of a new life in university eventually ends up quickly passing by and before you know it, graduation hits you on the head. From the innocence of HS, one passes college quickly only to find themselves at the door to finding a job. Time never ceases to amaze me, really.

This upcoming semester, I have the normal 6 classes that most studens at my university have. Unfortunately, I find myself wondering if this semester will be a lot harder than the previous one.

List of classes this semester:

  • Intermediate Chinese 3
  • Chinese Literature
  • History of China
  • History: Rizal and the Emergence of the Philippine Nation
  • Introduction to the Visual Arts
  • Philosophy2

It doesn’t seem as daunting but it sounds really scary, especially the 2 very in-depth History classes that I’m faced with. The arrangement of classes during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays don’t look good either since it seems like I have to rush from class all the way to the furthest building on campus for my next 2 classes (which are thanfkfully under the same professor). Tuesdays and Thursdays seem the lightest with 2 classes, but the 6 hour wait I’m going to have to wait before my first class starts (because my younger sister has a class at 9), seems just as tiring as last semester which is the same thing that I had to do.

I just hope that despite the busy schedule I’m faced with, I can still find the time to enjoy what’s left of my college years, and to of course spend the remainder of the semesters with college friends, most especially orgmates.

Here I am hoping I still have the time to enjoy cosplaying with friends in university, to me being able to attend Blogger Events despite academic work, to me being able to balance studies so that mom won’t freak out on me and disallow me to participate in Toujin Club’s Maid Cafe or other org events. Of course, I also hope I can find the time to make friends with the new batch of Sun Yat-Sen University students who are coming from China, and hoping I know at least ONE of them.


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