I am Twenteen. Hear me ROAR.

I guess there’s a lot to be said about turning twenteen. Officially, you’re no longer a teenager, and most people at this age are already off finishing their degrees in university or probably finding a job. But for me, turning twenty is something more. Maybe deep down, it’s about finding yourself and your place in society. What kind of person do you think you are? What are your interests and skills and dreams? How do you think this will help in furthering one’s own career and such? For most, twenteen is just a day (or days) different from being nineteen. Maybe, it is, but facing the world is a personal choice, a choice I’ve decided to take.

Personal blogging is a choice. I’ve taken to using livejournal to write away my problems and everyday experiences, my inquiries, my feelings, my questions, and my goals. But sometimes, we have to take a step further and go past the mere shallowness of youth. There are some thoughts that need to face the world. Who knows, ideas spark genius and genius should not be spurned. An idea, an opinion or a thought might not matter to a person, or a community, or a nation, but it might matter to someone out there.

Cheers to turning twenteen. Cheers to a quest for maturity. Cheers to the youth facing the world. I’m just a China Doll in the Philippines, but there’s more to life that sitting on a shelf and looking pretty.


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